A well rounded student
Compelling research suggests that young people who are health conscious and physically fit are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices throughout their lives. For that reason, students at All Saints Academy are encouraged to participate in team sports. Our staff and coaches take great pride in helping students gain a healthy level of physical fitness, believing that every child is capable of personal athletic success. Our athletic teams encourage discipline, learning, and cooperation.  Our success is evident in our many league championships.

Students in the arts at ASA are actively engaged in the creative process. While we focus on developing strong foundation skills in  Music, and Art,  students are encouraged to experiment in their work and strive for a high level of personal expression. Taking risks, of course, means making mistakes, but when you are sensitive to a child's level of skill, you can play a crucial role in helping him or her achieve rewarding goals. Class periods are scheduled for art education, music, including yearly Christmas and Spring Concerts, and physical education.  Weekly visits to ASA's  library, which is staffed with a full time teacher help establish the practice of accessing resources and researching.

Students are encouraged to participate in numerous service projects throughout the school year.  ASA strives to show God's love through service to others less fortunate.  Projects include Little Sisters of the Poor, Local food pantries, Birthright and others,  to nurture students in the many aspects of serving God while helping many.

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Click here for photos