A Child-centered, Personal Approach
Personal Approach
All Saints Academy has a reputation for personal attention. Modest class sizecombined with a caring faculty and staff helps to support the ideal climate for growth. By treating students with respect, All Saints Academy fosters a sense of self-discipline and encourages students to reach their potential while enjoying every step of the educational process.

An Extended Family
Parents view us as partners in reinforcing morality, spirituality, and other Christian values. Conversely, we view our parents as vital members of the All Saints Academy Team of Educators, building upon the academic and ethical principles taught at school. While our foundation is based in Catholic teaching, the student population represents diverse ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds from northeastern Pennsylvania. All are welcome at All Saints Academy.

Parental Involvement
Parental involvement is a must and parents are strongly encouraged to become active participants in all school events. More importantly, our student body and parents regard the school as one big family. Everyone knows everyone else which maintains a true concern for each others safety and well-being. Students of higher grades continually interact with children in lower grades helping to foster responsibility, care for others, and long-lasting relationships. For more on what our parents do please visit our Parents Page.
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