Parents are an essential part of the All Saints Family.  We look to parents for input, opinion and action.  Volunteering at school is welcome and in fact we encourage our parents to visit school as classroom moms and dads.  Parents connect with the school through the Parent Teacher Organization.

The PTO is an extremely active and vital part of school life.  Our PTO serves as liason between administration, faculty, parent and school.
Officers are elected on a yearly basis.   The slate of offices include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Ways and Means, and Publicity.

The PTO offers several ways to raise funds for school activities.  Through these fundraisers parents are able to offer special events for all students. Students benefit in many ways.  The PTO donates proceeds and services to the school as deemed necessary by the Board of Officers and the administration. Family Movie Night, Junior High Dances, and Fun Day are only a few of the many ways that school and home come together in a unified way.

All Saints Academy provides a program to assist parents to pay their tuition fees.  The Scrip Program allows parents to purchase certificates and gift cards to popular businesses, and have a percentage of the sale applied to their tuition.  Orders are taken weekly and filled, returned home or can be picked up at school.  These are great gifts, help parents meet costs, and assist the school financially.

To download the percentage page or order form, click below.
Percentage Distribution
Certificate Order Sheet